About Boristone

Vast experience, true professionalism, technological innovation and above all – reliability. This is what we do, and we've been doing it for the last 20 years.

Boristone was established in 1993 and specializes in advanced surface processing for a variety of uses in the business and private sectors. The company's range of design solutions targets customers who demand top professional standards and highly personalized solutions.

In recent years the company has concentrated its activity in the field of Corian surface processing, combining its rich surface processing experience with technological innovation. Boristone is certified by Corian manufacturer DuPont International, and adheres to all its quality standards.

Boristone owes its expertise to its team of employees, who specialize in processing Corian surfaces and undergo professional training seminars in Israel and abroad on an ongoing basis. In addition, the company's Research and Development department is unique in the Israeli landscape, and has devised creative and innovative ways for processing Corian.

Its team of experienced employees and technological innovation has led Boristone to present original Corian design solutions all over Israel. These incorporate a variety of materials and techniques in projects that are exceptionally complex.

Among others, these projects include private apartments, luxury buildings, holiday apartments, hotels, banquet halls and many public institutions.

In addition to personalized design solutions, the company also offers a line of Corian based products that allow customers to enjoy unique Corian design, featured in combination with standard surfaces. The company's products are marketed in luxury design stores around Israel.

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